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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Superannuation (also referred to as 'Super' or 'Pension')?

Superannuation is money contributed to a superannuation fund by your employer which is essentially set aside for an individual's retirement. It is the equivalent of a pension in the UK/Europe. Current legislation in Australia is that an Australian employer must usually contribute the equivalent of 9% of an employee's gross annual income into a Superannuation Fund.

Who can Claim a Superannuation refund?

Most individuals (excluding NZ and Australian permanent residents/citizens) who entered Australia under a temporary residency or sponsorship visa, which entitles them to work in Australia, will meet the criteria to claim a superannuation refund. You must also have earned more than $450 AUD per month to be eligible. Only when you depart Australia permanently and the temporary visa has either expired or been cancelled, can the claim be processed.

Will I be taxed on my Superannuation refund?

The Australian Government taxes all temporary residency superannuation refunds, (usually at 35%) upon withdrawal of your benefit. In a very limited number of cases, the tax deducted may be up to 45%, though very rarely. The applicable tax rate will be determined and deducted by your superannuation fund.

Your superannuation fund will provide you with a Summary showing a breakdown of contributions and any deductions made from your refund along with your benefit withdrawal refund cheque. We will forward this summary to you when received.

What about Fees?

MySuperClaim receives no fee up-front. In fact we pay a Department of Immigration processing fee on your behalf, which we deduct from your refund. We do all of the work chasing up your employers, the Department of Immigration, and superannuation/pension funds, and then we only deduct our fee when we have received, and lodged to your nominated bank account, your superannuation/pension cheque(s). This cheque(s) must, by law, be made out to you as 'Payee' by the superannuation fund(s), it cannot be made out to MySuperClaim. You simply give us a strictly Limited Power of Attorney to allow us to deduct only our fee at the time of transferring the funds into your bank account. If there is no refund, then there is no fee payable.

We will immediately advise you of our fixed fee once we have received your Contact Form. We need to review your form because our fee can depend somewhat on your circumstances (eg. How many superannuation funds you used?; Has your visa expired?; How long it it is since you left Australia etc).

There will be a bank charge for the International Money Transfer when we deposit your refund into the nominated bank account of your choice and the Department of Immigration charge of $55 for processing.

How will I know how My Superannuation Claim is progressing?

Communication is what underpins the quality of MySuperClaim's service. We recognise that you are most likely thousands of kilometres away and usually operating in a different time zone to Australia. Therefore we will keep you informed by email every step of the way and we are always happy to answer any queries that you may have.

We will confirm when we have received documents from you; advise you when we have lodged your refund request with your superannuation fund(s); keep you informed of progress with the superannuation fund(s); give you the great news when we receive your refund; and finally we will advise when the funds have been deposited into your nominated bank account.

When can I get my refund back?

There are usually two primary stages in the process (1) confirming eligibility/cancelling your visa with the Department of Immigration (DOI) and (2) then dealing with your superannuation funds to have them release your refund. Depending on processing volumes at the time, the DOI process may take between 4 and 7 weeks.

Once this has been done, most superannuation companies require a further minimum of 28 days from receipt of all required Certified Documenation, to release your funds. Depending on the Superannuation Fund in question, this 28 day commitment by them may, or may not, be met.

In summary, and in most cases, the DOI is averaging around 4/5 weeks from receipt of the certified documents and the Superannuation Funds tend to average the same, with some exceptions, and with the Superannuation Funds needing to have the DOI certification prior to commencing their processing.